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Over half of the UK's 26 million homes are inadequately insulated, many of these can be insulated with cavity wall insulation, however if you have solid walls this is not an option.

Funding and Finance

The government's Green Deal and ECO initiatives gives owners and occupiers of solid wall properties a huge opportunity to improve their energy efficiency, save on fuel bills and cut carbon emissions by accessing partial grants and Green Deal finance to fund solid wall insulation. Full grants may be available depending on eligibility criteria and based on a full survey.

Solid wall insulation is also applicable for the Governments Cash Back scheme (Currently suspended), providing up to £6000 towards solid wall insulation. See our Green Deal page for further information and up dates on grant availability..

External Wall Insulation

The external appearance of a building is truly an important aspect, especially to its owners and or residents. Re-pointing, external rendering and painting have historically been the solutions to improving the external appearance of a solid wall property. With increasing fuel bills, external insulation can both improve the external appearance of a property and reduce its heat loss dramatically, saving you money on heating bills.

Many of our customers comment immediately the insulation boards are on the wall that they "can feel the house is warmer already".

External Wall Insulation was introduced to Britain in the 1960's, yet it would be fair to say that it has taken time to establish itself. However, over the last ten years, changes in Decent Homes Standards and Part 'L' of the Building Regulations have increased the standards for insulation, increasing thermal performance and reducing carbon emissions.

There are a number of accredited systems available most involve the mechanical and/or adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a building, which is then covered with a mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish. This layered method encases the property and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily from the property.

Rheinegold are accredited to install a number of manufacturers systems enabling our surveyors to specify the most appropriate system for your particular property.

During the process external pipes and boiler flues are extended and new window sills are fitted, our aim is to leave the property not only warmer but looking the best in the area!

There are restrictions to the installation of external insulation on properties in conservation areas or on listed buildings. Rheinegold will make all the necessary enquiries, check and liaise with your local Planning Authority to ensure the installation complies with any specific requirements or legislation.

External Wall insulation takes approximately seven working days to install on a semi-detached property, obviously this is dependent on the complexity of the installation and weather conditions. Prior to installation Rheinegold will have consulted with the system designers to assess the final suitability of the property and to carry out specific tests to aid in the final specification of products to be used. During the installation it is very likely the system designer's inspectors will visit the site to inspect the installation in progress.

Rheinegold are members of the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) and provide a 25 year guarantee on all solid wall installations.

Rheinegold treat each installation individually starting with a detailed survey and Energy Performance Report. This survey will highlight any grant funding available and / or accessibility to Green Deal funding.

If you decide to progress one of our specialist external wall insulation surveyors will visit your property to establish its specific construction, details of pipework, external fittings and to talk through the colours available and the steps of the process. It is likely at least one further visit will be made with the system designer making a final check on the suitability of the property. We take the installation very seriously, we understand it's not only a big investment but a big change to your property and that you want it to be right.

Internal Insulation

Solid wall insulation can also be installed inside the property, Rheinegold are accredited to install internal solid wall insulation.

Internal wall insulation is best installed if the room is to be totally refurbished or redecorated and re wired. Internal insulation has the advantage that it can be fitted a room at a time rather than the whole of the outside at once. The slight disadvantage is that the insulation, at up to 90mm thick depending on the system used, reduces the room size slightly.

The process is similar to the external system in that insulation boards are fixed to the inside of the external walls either mechanically, with adhesive or with both, once fitted the boards are then coated with either one or two coats of finish depending on the system used. Once the finish is fully dry owners can decorate as required.

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