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Since your school science lessons you know that warm air rises, so it's not surprising to learn that 25% of energy used to heat your home can be lost through the roof. This is exactly why installing a layer of insulation between the rafters in your roof is one of the best ways to help reduce your annual energy bills.

How Loft Insulation works?

I'm sure you will all remember the days of seeing some member of the family crawling into the loft with rolls of insulation then itching and scratching for days afterwards!!

Fortunately for our Loft Insulation Teams things have changed from the "good old days". Modern loft insulation is a layered quilt of very environmentally friendly and much less itchy mineral wool fibre.

Insulation is laid between the joists with another layer laid on top at right angles ensuring there are no gaps for the valuable heat to sneak out. The final depth of insulation will be around 270mm to bring it up to current building regulations.

If you do go into the loft after the insulation is fitted you will see a warning notice telling you to be very careful and not to walk on the insulation.

Left undisturbed loft insulation should last indefinitely therefore once fitted you can be safe in the knowledge you property is wearing a very good hat that will keep you warm and the costly heat in.

Why Bother? Quick and easy!

Our surveyors will visit your property to confirm the depth of any existing loft insulation. At this stage they can also establish if you are eligible for any grant funding or explain the Governments Green Deal Scheme. Our surveyors will carry out an Energy Performance Assessment on your property highlighting any areas for energy improvements.

How much does Loft Insulation cost?

As we have said Loft Insulation is reasonably cheap, quick to install and very cost effective. If you don't have any or very little existing insulation having 270mm of loft insulation installed could save you around £250 each year based on a gas heated home.

The thicker your existing insulation the less can be saved, however, even toping up from 100mm to 270mm could save you around £25 per year.

Current Grant Funding

Loft Insulation prices do vary depending on the property, however, with current Government funding schemes such as ECO; you may qualify for a Cavity Wall Insulation Grant or the Cash Back Scheme to help you with the cost of insulating your home. Find out if you qualify by using our online grant eligibility finder or ring our office now.


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