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What's this all About?

The Government closed the Green Deal scheme on the 23rd of July 2015. At the moment we are waiting for a replacement scheme to be announced, please contact our office for up to date information.

The Green Deal Initiative was about helping the consumer, domestic or business, to be able to afford to undertake energy efficiency measures.

Consumers were free to pay for the works up front, in whole or in part, but under the Green Deal you were be able to repay the balance through your electricity bills spreading the costs.

How did the scheme work ?

The Golden Rule

The Green Deal Golden Rule for accessing the Green Deal Finance is that the cost of the improvement works should not exceed the expected savings. It's not guaranteed, but as a guide, customers should be able to be more energy efficient at no additional cost.

What could Rheinegold install under Green Deal?

All the services Rheinegold offer can be funded through Green Deal including:-

Condensing boilers, Heating Controls, Cavity Wall Insulation, Loft Insulation, Internal Wall Insulation, External Wall Insulation, Solar PV.

Government Help

The Government is keen to make the Green Deal popular, so has put £125 million into cashback for first adopters. The cashback scheme has been extended, but funds are being alocated very quickly and the scheme will end when funds run out! If you act quickly, follow the right process through an accredited Green Deal Installer, such as Rheinegold, you will be a lot better off.

  ***** November 2014 -- The cash back scheme - Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) is due to be available from early December 2014. As of the 25th of November we have not been informed of the exact release date or the grant amount, however, if you want to access this grant you will need to register as soon as possible as it is anticipated the funds will be allocated very quickly - please call our office or complete the e mail reply at the top of the page.

Check details on the cash back scheme at or contact our office for advice and details.

What Next?

The Green Deal Scheme has now been suspended as of the 23rd July 2015. Rheinegold do have access to some funding so please contact the office to check if any funding is available.

You can book an assessment with one of our qualified Advisers. Once completed, recommendations will be made as to potential areas of improvement. We will deal with access to any potential funding and you will know exactly what can be done at what costs, if any.


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